CKPS Meal Plan

Kid Friendly Meal Plan

No Fuss No Tantrums!

Planning is everything when it comes to feeding your child right. If the portions are right and the gap between meals are appropriate, children will eat well.

Make meals happy time. You can make smiley 😃   patties (or roties), fruit popsicles 🍓🍉 or carrot fries🥕. Involve kids in cooking. Let them mix the dough 🍞 , squeeze a lemon 🍋 or mix salad 🥗

Early Morning (6:00 AM -7:00 AM)

Milk or juice with very light snack would be ideal.
As body would be in flushing out cycle at this time. This is an optional meal. If the child is sleeping, this meal can be clubbed with Breakfast.

Breakfast (8:00 AM - 9:00 AM)
This is the most important meal of the day. It can contain egg, milk, cereal, bread, idli with peanut chutney etc.,
Idea is to provide protein, carbohydrates and all vital nutrition.

Mid-morning Snack ( 11:00 AM)

Fruit bowl, crackers or yogurt would be best for this time.
You should keep this snack light as there is not much gap between this and lunch and filling up on this would not leave much room for lunch.

Lunch ( 1:00 PM)

Vegetable dal khichdi or chicken fried rice would work best
This should be a healthy meal. You can think of it as Indian traditional thali or western main course but in tiny portions. Kids would do lots of activities by now and would be really hungry. Fruit in mid-morning fruit snack would add as fuel to ignite hunger.

Evening Snack ( 4:00 PM)

This is the best time to introduce anything new to child. Aloo fries, corn pakodas, sandwich, fruit smoothie, paneer roll...  options are endless

Dinner ( 7:00 PM)

Same as lunch
Most kids don’t want to eat a heavy dinner as their activity levels go down in the evening, so do not insist on them eating a lot. Let the kid eat whatever and however much she wants.

Supper (9:00 PM)

If your child is still awake, blame the blue light of technology..! Well.. you gotta feed the late night hunger. Soups, fruits, yogurt or milk.. anything easy to have and easy to digest should be ideal for this meal.

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