Annual Day 2018-19 of Curious Kids International Preschool was celebrated on a 2nd March, with great excitement and splendid display. It was a wonderful celebration where every child got an opportunity to perform on the stage. A joyous occasion for children to showcase the talents they have acquired over the year, and for the parents it is a matter of great pride to watch their little ones perform on stage.

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Olympic – Curious Kids International Preschool’s Sports Day of 2018-19 was held on a sunny Saturday morning!
Sports are fun physical activities which keep us strong, healthy and fit. They are means of entertainment for participants as well as spectators. And when little toddlers and nursery children are involved in sports, spectators are mesmerized with their cuteness. Kids participated enthusiastically in various runs – the hurdle run, butterfly run, Bunny hops and more.. Having parents at finish line of course helped them in racing faster!


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World class preschool education by BITS Pilani and ISB Alumni, Curious Kids International Preschool is unit of Aksharam Educational Society. We are experts in Early Childhood Education and Nutrition. With passion for Education and certification in Early Childhood Educataion Gowrie Australia, our vision is to inspire curiosity, independence and love for learning in future citizens.


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