Curious Kids International Preschool Annual Day 2018-19

Annual Day 2018-19 of Curious Kids International Preschool was celebrated on a 2nd March, with great excitement and splendid display. It was a wonderful celebration where every child got an opportunity to perform on the stage. A joyous occasion for children to showcase the talents they have acquired over the year, and for the parents it is a matter of great pride to watch their little ones perform on stage.

The performances started with a fun ride of “Wheels on the bus” as the bright yellow buses adorned the stage and little children dressed up in their uniforms took us on a fun ride with their energetic performance, full of pep as parents cheered with glee.


“Gummy Bear” and “Cham Cham” are two of our students’ favorite songs.. All that DJ had to do was to play the right song to get little children all ready to dance impromptu and put up a fantastic show!

It was overflow of Cuteness Overload when Pretty girls dressed up as beautiful butterflies put up a mesmerizing performance on “Ay ee ay ee ay I’m your little butterfly”

Stage turned into a beautiful kinder garden when little boys dressed as flowers joined the butterflies on stage. With a bright Yellow Sun smiling and cheerful looking at us, “Mr. Golden sun” was a cheerful performance put up by Playgroup and Nursery children.

Then it was turn for a “Family Show” as little daddies with neck ties and mustaches, pretend mommies in bright red sarees, bubbly brothers, joyful sisters and naughty babies all dressed up to impress stood up in front of a Family house for “Finger Family”. It was adorable sight to see all the little ones pretend play the Family way!

Next up was the local twist of “Rangamma Mangamma” where crowd cheered for two little divas as they danced their own way for the top charts number. Choreographed by themselves at the age of three, it was a proud moment for teachers to see them perform.

The Final musical skit was “Anglika Manglika” the Jungle Mania. Students participated in this extravaganza as little girls and happy animals hand in hand. The happy skit comes with a thoughtful message of how important it is to protect and save our flora and fauna which is so vital for our existence.



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