Aksharam ‘Educational Society ’

Aksharam Educational Society, a registered organisation that started to provide world-class education, which is particularly defined towards Early Childhood Education.

We seek to achieve our educational mission by

  • Tapping the natural curiosity of children, which strengthens their thinking skills
  • Providing library, resources and services to support the academic needs of the institutions run by the society
  • Providing regular teacher training
  • Conducting periodic parental workshops
  • Integrating technological development across the curriculum

We emphasise on -

  • High standards of academic, professional and social performance
  • Respond in a creative manner to a continuously changing needs of society
  • Support cultural and ethnic diversity in student and parent community

Our commitment is for a student-centric environment:

  • Aids to cover the intellectual, cultural, social, physical, and recreational needs of the students
  • Offers learning experiences and forums where students come together to challenge one another’s ideas in an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Provides support to students through an academic advising centre, peer advising, tutorials, counselling and health services, and programs for meeting intellectual needs

Our commitment for larger community of the region:

  • Through collaborative efforts with schools and higher educational institutions, the health care and social service agencies and the business community
  • Through faculty, administration and student participation in community programs Maintaining scalability in tuition fees, which can be affordable to people with moderate income
  • Providing scholarships for meritorious and underprivileged students


  • 30/Jan/2017 donation of Rs 50000/- by Treasurer of Aksharam Educational Society Mr PariPurna Chand Nannapaneni towards the painting of the school
  • 26/Jan/2018 donation of Rs 50000/- by Executive Member of Aksharam Educational Society Mr N. Man Mohan Rao towards free or discounted education and after-school activities of meritorious and underprivileged students
  • 07/05/2018 donation of kickboxing pads by parent Mrs Sunischala for Karate class We accept donations, as they help us in the field of research and in providing world-class infrastructure to children.

About Us

World class preschool education by BITS Pilani and ISB Alumni, Curious Kids International Preschool is unit of Aksharam Educational Society. We are experts in Early Childhood Education and Nutrition. With passion for Education and certification in Early Childhood Educataion Gowrie Australia, our vision is to inspire curiosity, independence and love for learning in future citizens.


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