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Ms Karuna Koganti, ISB Alumni

Director’s Message

We started Curious Kids International Preschool with a vision to provide world-class early childhood education using a play-based model. The aim is to provide a healthy atmosphere which will give freedom to explore the world.

Education is one of the important aspects of our life. It helps us to Understand & analyse things around us. The importance of Preschool education has been proven to prepare children for their further formal education.

Curiosity and love come naturally to kids when they have an emotionally safe and happy environment. At Curious Kids International Preschool, we impart world-class education through the best use of modern resources. Developing young minds to think, question and create by bringing together global educational practices, Curious Kids Early Learning Framework, and a great learning community. Our mission is to build independent, responsible, global citizens through curriculum and practices that are founded on learner-centric education.

These children surprise us every day! We had days when Ali Ahmed's Mom was worried whether he will speak at all. Now she must be thinking, will he stop talking for a while. We saw timid kids opening up, making friends and growing up together.

It is crucial for us to keep our anxieties away to appreciate them and inspire them for their life. I am very happy and proud to see these kids grow every day.

Thanks to all parents for trusting us with the future of your little ones. It is very encouraging to see happy children, happy parents, wonderful testimonials, best award, so many Facebook likes we got, all in a span of one year.

Ms Swapna Koganti, BITS Pilani Alumni

Academic Director’s Message

At Curious Kids International Preschool, education is seen as research in early childhood learning and represents a top-notch and brand-new era of early childhood education focusing on brain development, innovative teaching practices, parental involvement and developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Early childhood education at Curious Kids International Preschool is designed & developed with extensive research on global early childhood approaches. We have adopted the best of BELONGING, BEING & BECOMING - The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia to EYFS–Early Years Foundation Stage Practice of the UK promoting play-based learning, inquiry and experiential constructive learning, aesthetic and creative development, indoor and outdoor learning experiences, literacy, numeracy, science and engineering in the early learning and holistic development of children from age 2 to 6 years.

About Us

World class preschool education by BITS Pilani and ISB Alumni, Curious Kids International Preschool is unit of Aksharam Educational Society. We are experts in Early Childhood Education and Nutrition. With passion for Education and certification in Early Childhood Educataion Gowrie Australia, our vision is to inspire curiosity, independence and love for learning in future citizens.


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